How it works

  • You enter the dealescrow website and click the "I want to get a deal escrow code" button.
  • The dealescrow website generates a code that will be unique for your negotiation.
  • You send this code (via any means such as email, text message, etc) to the person you are negotiating with.
  • The seller enters the code (easiest to copy and paste) into the website. The seller then enters the lowest price they would sell the item for.
  • Meanwhile, the buyer enters the code into the website. The buyer then enters the highest price they would pay for the item.
  • The seller's lowest price and the buyer's highest price are kept secret.
  • The dealescrow website compares the minimum sell price with the maximum buy price.
  • If the maximum buy price is greater than the minimum sell price, the app displays a message "A deal is possible!". Otherwise it displays "A deal is not possible".
  • If a deal is possible then the website will then give a starting point for negotiations to begin from. This starting point is somewhere (randomly) in between the maximum buy and minimum sell price.
  • From that point the buyers and sellers can accept the random starting point in between the seller's minimum and buyer's maximum price. Alternatively, the buyer and seller can use this as a starting point for negotiation.


Contact: Xavier Gisz /